Welcome to tourdemoose.com, the homepage for the most exciting south-city-bicycle-ride-pub-crawl-turned-fundraiser in all of St. Louis!

The 15th Annual Tour De Moose is October 19, 2019.

Registration will begin on 8/30/2019 at NOON.

Venmo (because its free) is the prefered way to register and pay for the 15th Annual Tour De Moose.  Just be sure to include your shirt size (and if paying for multiple riders, provide names and shirt sizes).  If this is your first year registering (or you have a new email address) please incoude your email address too!  





Paying via Venmo: $25 per rider



Paying via PayPal: $26 per rider


All proceeds from the 15th Annual Tour De Moose will go to the Collin McAtee Memorial Fund (which will disperse funds to a number of cuases that were near and dear to Collin).


Once again, 4 Hands will be serving as the HQ for the Tour De Moose!!!